01. Transparent Communication

Transparency is the key at Ozz Projects in terms of delivering quality projects that adhere to and exceed client’s expectations. With a client focus, Ozz Projects is dedicated to ensuring that the client and stakeholders relevant to the project are kept up to date at all times to ensure the smooth and cohesive delivery of the project. You won’t be left guessing with Ozz Projects.

02. Safety and Sustainability

Ozz Projects is committed to the safety of its people and implements various management systems such as workplace health and safety, environment and quality to ensure its people are safe and that as a business Ozz Projects is continuously improving and establishing best practice but sustainable construction methods.

03. Performance and Results

The management team at Ozz Projects has over 60 years’ experience in the industry which is invaluable in today’s society. Ozz Projects achieves superior business results due to the knowledge, skills and focus of the management team.

04. Integrity and Respect

Being a boutique construction company Ozz Projects loves the look on the client’s face when we deliver a quality project that is on time and within budget. At Ozz Projects we understand the importance of integrity and respect, hence our transparent approach to ensure that stakeholders are kept up to date at all times reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation. At Ozz Projects we stick to our word.