Garth has over 36 years’ experience in the construction industry. His determination, persistence and level of attention to detail is what lead him to his first role at The Reed Group in 1983 as an Apprentice Carpenter.

Garth showed skill and passion which helped him escalate into roles such as Site Manager, Project Manager and finally to CEO of The Reed Group. Garth specialises in conducting projects in occupied premises and has an outstanding reputation of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Transparency is key for Garth particularly when ensuring that all stakeholders concerned with the project are kept up to date and informed at all times.



Doug Sparks has over 44 years’ experience, with 27 of those being with The Reed Group in which Doug showed passion and persistence hence being escalated from the role of Foreman to Site Manager and Senior Site Manager.

Doug managed several projects varying in size, scale and complexity. Projects such as shopping centres, car parks, aquatic displays, zoological displays, museums, hotels, clubs, refurbishments of historical buildings, office complexes, multiple fit outs, railway stations, hospitals and schools; to industrial buildings using the latest advances in building, engineering and design technology.

Both Garth and Doug have excelled in the delivery of a variety of jobs which not only reflects their skill level but is also testament to their ability to understand the clients goals and objectives, manage and communicate effectively with a team and understand the importance of time management which is particularly key to this project.

The management team at Ozz Projects comprises of two gentlemen who have previously completed a variety of high profile projects in terms of scale and value leaving them with a highly sought after industry reputation. A recognisable saying is ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders’ and in this instance it’s exactly right. The knowledge, skills and combined experience of the management team is bound to deliver a quality, highly detailed, timely and cost efficient project that exceeds all expectations.

Both senior partners with a trade background have the flexibility and adaptability to take on varying roles within the business and diversify their skill set should the project and client require it. From a business operations perspective Garth primarily focuses on business procurement and client relations with Doug taking on the cohesive and timely delivery of projects.