Need fast, proven & reliable concrete panel construction? Or simply just the construction of the reinforced concrete panels. Ozz Projects specialises in concrete tilt up panels.

Concrete tilt up panels is a popular option for commercial and Industrial construction within Australia.

This building process is becoming more popular due to the cost and time saving benefits of having the panels constructed and erected on site.

The process involves:

  • The walls of the building being cast out of reinforced concrete on-site, in purpose built form-work.
  • Once dry the reinforced panels will be pulled upright using a crane and placed in to their final position.
  • The structural steel / roof members are than put in place to tie the panels together making a strong durable structure
  • All joints are sealed, than the roof sheets are laid and the building is ready for fit out

Benefits of Tilt Up Panels

If you need a commercial and industrial builder that utilises the latest technology of Tilt Up Panels and other forms, you have come to the right place. From single warehouses multi-unit industrial developments, Ozz Projects are able to assist you with your requirement.

Benefits of Tilt Up Panels:

  • Lower cost for building
  • Faster erection of structures
  • Utilising on the benefits which concrete offers
  • Pre cast fabrication allows offsite construction
  • Strong load baring structure

Our dedicated team of builders and engineers allows us to swiftly execute any commercial project within your time schedule and budget, ensuring high accuracy and affordable cost on each and every project.

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about Tilt Up Panels

What are Tilt up wall panels?

Tilt Up Panels are generally walls cast from reinforced concrete. They are build off site and have a variety of benefits when it comes to industrial and commercial building.

A Tilt Slab is formed horizontally on a concrete slab and braced and joint on site by a crane. The name typically comes from the method of construction where a panel is “Tilted” vertically in place, into to it’s final position.

How can Tilt up panels make building faster and cost effective?

Building can be executed in shorter time due to the fact that these panels can be built off site in a factory and then transported to site as a finished product. Thus, saving time and money compared to the traditional on site construction method.

Can Tilt up panels be custom sizes, or do they come as standard?

One of the many benefits of Tilt up panels is that they are able to be custom sized and engineered to suite the requirement.

Where are you located?

Ozz Projects are conveniently located in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney NSW. Although this is our prime focus area, our projects range all around Australia and we are licensed and able to develop projects Australia wide.

We have just completed a 1800m2 industrial complex at St Marys after engaging the services of OZZ Projects Pty Ltd.

Being an owner developer, it was a pleasure working with OZZ Projects Pty Ltd, their professionalism, honesty, diligence and knowledge saved us from many of the pitfalls and stress associated with construction, delivering a quality project on time and on budget.

I have no hesitation on recommending their services, from design to hand over, and have just recently acquired a further site which I have happily re engaged their services.

To Garth, Doug, Wade and crew, thankyou for a job well done

John Cozzarini (Manager/Director)ASSSK Pty Ltd

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